Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Forgotten comic book heroes of color: Freezum, the Inuit superhero

Contemporary comics creators who want to revive public domain heroes are mostly stuck with white characters. One way to get some diversity, of course, is to reinterpret old characters rather than revive them. I tend to prefer that; see Dear DC, Please Keep Captain Marvel Black!

But if you want to be faithful to the Golden Age comics, you can still include some superheroes of color.

Freezum is one. If you look past his pidgin speech, you'll see that he functions as the equal of his partner and mentor, Sub-Zero. Not only does he master his abilities quickly, in the first threat that arises, he saves Sub-Zero.  Here's his origin from Blue Bolt v2 5 [17] (Novelty Press) - Comic Book Plus:

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You can revive him faithfully and still make a few changes. This is the first page of the last appearance of Sub-Zero and Freezum:

Freezum's English ought to have improved, and the green parka should only come out for superheroing. (But in defense of the parka, Sub-Zero also seems to have only one outfit in his closet. Superheroes tend to be sartorially challenged.)

I can't decide if Freezum's name is stupid or charming. In a revival, he could inherit his mentor's or be given an entirely new name for heroing.

Two examples of black identitarians mocking poor white people

On Facebook, I said,
Many identitarians feel entitled to speak disdainfully of poor white people because, in their ideology, poor whites have white privilege and therefore must be responsible for their poverty.
I can't remember when I first noticed how common "classism" is among well-off identitarians—maybe in the '90s. But in the FB discussion, Victor Jones provided a couple of examples.

Cardi B tweeted:

And Comedian Godfrey shared a video:

Privilege is something people desire, but I doubt either of them want the privilege of the people they're mocking.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Obama, Derrick Bell, and the race reductionism of Critical Race Theory

A history of neoliberalism and identitarianism should include this moment:

And data from this: How Obama Destroyed Black Wealth.

And, of course, Adolph Reed's observation about Obama in 1996.

Relevant: The Man Who Changed Middle-Class Feminism, or Derrick Bell and Critical Race Theory, Where Racism and Anti-Racism Intersect

ETA: "Barack Obama's speech on April 5, 2006 at the launch of The Brookings Institute's Hamilton Project where Obama says that "most of us are strong free traders" and praises the goals of the Hamilton Project."

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Amber A'Lee Frost summarizes socialist feminism

"The whole point of the socialist project with regards to feminism is to create the material conditions under which women can regard male bullshit as an avoidable trifle, where every man is an option, and if they're unappealing, you can sashay away to greener pastures." —Amber A'Lee Frost